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The Best Investment You Can Make Is In Yourself

by / Monday, 13 May 2013 / Published in Investments, Lifestyle

We all have many different options for investing our time and money.  There has long been a debate on which investment vehicle generates the greatest return.  I would like to end this long debate by saying that the absolute best investment that people can make is an investment in themselves.   You will receive the greatest return in the long run by investing in yourself.

You can completely transform your relationships, your finances, your health, and your spirituality if you take 100% responsibility for your personal development.   There are some practical steps that we can all take in order to maximize our investment in ourselves.

  • 1) Take Personal Inventory: Before any of us decides to embark on the ongoing journey of personal development it is important that we take the time to access where we are in our lives, what is it that we are unsatisfied with and what is it that we would like to change in order to improve our lives.
  • 2) Watch the Company You Keep: The people you surround yourself with contribute a great deal to your personal growth. Carefully choose the people that you surround yourself with. Remove negative people from your life and replace them with positive people who inspire and support you in becoming a better person.
  • 3) Read Books and Listen to Audios: There is a book or an audio cd about every area in your life that you would like to improve. Submerge yourself in personal development books and audio cds. These books and cds will expand your mind and transform your life.
  • 4) Protect Your Most Valuable Asset: Your mind is your most valuable asset. If you develop it you can have whatever it is that you desire in life. However, you must also protect it from all the negativity that may surround you. Stay away from negative conversations, reading negative information, or watching and listening to negative news.  All of those things will have a negative effect on your mindset and your personal growth.

Investing in yourself is an ongoing life long process, however, if you take it seriously you can create and design whatever life that you desire.  Investing in yourself is the absolute best investment you can make.

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