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Show Up For Your Life Wristbands – 5 Pack

This is isn’t just a wristband, this is a band with purpose. Wearing this wristband is your way of making a statement to the world that you are officially a Show Up For Your Life Soldier.


Show Up For Your Life T-Shirt

Join the Show Up For Your Life movement and rock the T-shirt with pride. Comfortable, casual and 100% cotton.


Speak EZ

The quality of our business, social and personal relationships is all based on our ability to effectively communicate and present our products, services, ideas and passions with others. Improving our communication skills brings us better results, whether standing on stage addressing a large audience or having an intimate one-on-one conversation with a close associate.


Show Up For Your Life Motivational Series – Audio CD

In this audio series, Andy illustrates how regardless of your past disappointments, uncertainties, or lack of resources we all have the ability to show up for our lives and create the life that we desire.


Multiple Streams of Income Teleseminar

Now more than ever you can no longer simply rely on one income stream.  What happens if you get laid off, business slows down, become ill or have an unexpected large expense?  This can spell trouble.


Unlocking the Power of Story Teleseminar

Do you have a story? The reality is that we all have a story. However, very few us know the power of our story. Learning how to identify your story and strategically tell your story can transform your life, business and how you show up in the world.


Show Up For Your Life Book (Pre-Order Sale!)

Show Up For Your Life offers you seven essential principles to completely transform your life from the average daily grind to an exceptional life of fulfillment. Immerse yourself in the pages of this book, and master the principles in order to show up for your own life.